Exchange 2003 route mail trough smart host

Open Exchange System Manager and click on the + next to Connectors to see if you are already using an SMTP Connector.
SBS2003 comes with a pre-configured SMTP Connector as shown below:-

If you need to create a new connector:-
Right-click on Connectors and select New – SMTP Connector…

If a SMTP Connector already exists, right-click on it and choose Properties

If you only
have one
Exchange server, it's unlikely
you'll need more than one
SMTP Connector.

SMTP Connectors are used to
send certain emails via different routes

The SMTP Connector – Properties page opens which has 8 tabs.
(There could be a 9th tab called Security if you've previously enabled this tab by a Registry change, but, in any case, there's nothing to configure on this tab.)

We'll start on the General tab where there are 3 things to configure:-

Name Call it what you want, but "All Outgoing Email" is a good name.
Smarthosts Select "Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts" and enter smarthost, if your provider have more then one host enter each separated by semicolons.
The full string to enter is:-;

This is your Exchange server.
Click Add… and there will only be one option.
If you're editing an existing SMTP Connector it will already have a name which can't be changed here.

If you want to rename the connector,
close this page, right-click on the SMTP Connector and choose Rename

Go to the Address Space tab.
Click Add… and select the default options which are:-
Type = SMTP
Email Domain = *
Cost = 1
Connector scope = Entire Organization
"Allow messages to be relayed to these domains" is not selected
Click OK and close Exchange System Manager.

In order for the new settings to take effect, you need to restart the following services:-
Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine and
Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).


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