import bulk atribute to user; bulk import user; import atribute to ad using logonname

First you must install powershell 2.0 if not exist, if it is installed on Win 2008 R2 PowerShell 2.0 is present.

Next, you must install ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory 64-bit

you can download from this location

After install start powershell and type command


Import-csv C:\importfolder\importFile.csv | foreach-object {Set-qaduser $_.samaccountname -telephoneNumber $_.telephoneNumber -company $ -physicalDeliveryOfficeName $_.physicalDeliveryOfficeName}

Example of importFile.csv :

samaccountname, telephoneNumber, company, physicalDeliveryOfficeName
user1, 12345, ibm, finance
user2, 12345, ibm, finance
user3, 12345, ibm,finance

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