Xbmc with best free movie add-ons database on the world

Download free movie from megaupload trough simple search.
Ok, let’s start install best movie database on the world :), for free ofcourse

  1. First download zip file named XBMC&moviedatabese (link below) and unziped it, then install the program Xbmc.
  2. After installing the program install movie add-ons.
  3. Run Xbnc program and then go to “System -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file, find the directory with file named “repository.googlecode.anarchintosh-projects.1.0.1 ” ( find it in unziped folder XBMC&moviedatabese) and install it
  4. After installing the zip file go to ”get add-ons -> anarchintosh add-ons -> video add-ons -> icefilms and then click Install”
  5. After installation, click on it and go to “configure -> download” and set directory for download.
  6. After this, add-ons IceFilm is enabled.
  7. Come out with the Esc to main menu and choose “Videos -> Video Add-ons -> Icefilms” the first time you activate icefilms you have to download the database of 200 MB, and then enjoy
  8. When database is downloaded enter in Icefilms and you can browse from popular movie, latest release, search…When you select the movie you want to download, press enter (or double click) to go inside and select source. If you won’t to stream movie press enter on source or right click on movie source to download it on local disk in AVI format
  9. If you want subtitles for movie,download the latest “bsplayer”. Play movie in it and “bsplayer” will downlaod subtitles for you

P.S. In zip file you also have films for adults. Procedure for install is the same.
If you are satisfied with this article :)…

Download rar files:

Speedyshare: XBMC&moviedatabese

Youtube Video tutorial:

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  1. geofrey says:

    hey i have encounter video plugins script failed… what is the solution for that problem… help me please.. you can email me if you have time…. thanks by the way!!

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